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Sales Process Overview

Every deal you do will progress through the four stages outlined in the graphic above.  There is no exact prescribed methodology that you must adhere to in order to accomplish the process,  but there are suggestions.  The medium that you use to accomplish this process is entirely up to you.  You can solicit in person at the place of business, leverage networking events & tradeshows, work the phone, use the internet, or use any combination of those methods to accomplish the mission.  The important thing is that you accomplish the mission by completing the process.  Click on the tabs with icons to get an overview of each of the four stages.

Compile and Qualify Your Leads

The first step in completing the sales process is to compile and qualify your leads.  You are going to be amazed at how many qualified leads there are out there once you start looking for them.  There are literally hundreds of thousands nationwide.   Any small or medium sized business that would have the propensity to sell a large amount of gift cards is potentially a qualified lead.  This especially includes restaurants, bars, salons, and spas.  An organized approach would be to use Google or even the phone book to research and target specific types of businesses in a specific geographic location so you that you can hit them all at once when it's time to go out and Present.  Qualifying your leads involves making sure that the potential client is viable.  The first section will cover this in depth.  I've developed a special tool that will make this process easy on you.   

Present and Close the Deal

Now that you've got a list of qualified leads it's time to go out and Present.   As I've iterated before, there is no specific methodology that you must employ to Present and Close the Deal, but there are suggested strategies.  This subject will be covered more in depth later in the section on Gatekeepers, Decision-Makers, Influencers, and Allies.

Gather & Report

Congrats!  You Closed and got the client on board.    The next step in the process is to Gather all the required information from the client and Report it to the company so that we can get to work on installing the module on their website.   You will be required to Gather the following information from the client:

  1. The payment address of a properly configured Paypal account.
  2. Login credentials for their website - self-explanitory. 
  3. Hosting / CPanel credentials - Credentials that may be needed in order to complete a full backup of their data before work begins and to modify database contents.  

More than likely,  most of that sounds like Chinese to you.    It's OK.  I'm going to walk you through it.  By the time you reach Level 2 you'll be an expert. 

I'm going to be honest with you,  once in a while this part of the process may be a source of frustration as factors seemingly outside your control will grind the process to a halt.   Sometimes you may encounter clients that do not yet have a Paypal account,  clients that don't know how to set it up, and stonewalling web developers that feel threatened that you are trying to steal their clients.  You may be required to take initiative and put foot to ass to facilitate this part of the process.  We're going to address and overcome these potential obstacles in later sections.

Follow Up and Finalize

Fantastic!  At this point, the installation has been completed and thoroughly tested for functionality.  The tough work is behind you.  Complete the following tasks to finalize the deal and collect your pay.

  1. Deliver the API keys for the mobile app used in redemption.
  2. Demonstrate a redemption with a provided test certificate if delivering in person.
  3. Sincerely thank the customer and wish them success.
  4. Secure and deliver payment in full. 
  5. Think ahead and reach out a few weeks later to ask how everything is going.  This simple follow-up will ingratiate you with your client and strengthen the relationship.  You will be in a better position to secure residual monthly income from them when you reach level 3!

What Is A CMS?

....And Why It Matters

Empower yourself by understanding your client's needs.

     The Content Management System (CMS) is the platform a website is built on.   The easiest way to understand it is to think of the difference between a PC and MAC.   You can't run MAC software on  a PC and vice versa.    The Paper Gift Certificate Module is built for the CMS platform called WordPress.   If a potential client's website isn't running WordPress then unfortunately they don't qualify.   No worries!   WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world.  Currently, 30% of the entirety of the Internet resolves to a WordPress site.   Upwards of 59% of new small business websites being deployed today are utilizing WordPress.   This means there are literally hundreds of thousands of opportunities already and more coming online everyday!

How Do I Qualify Leads?

We've Made It Easy

Time is the most valuable asset.


     Don't waste time pitching a business owner whose website doesn't employ the WordPress CMS.    There are multiple ways to ascertain whether or not the website of a potential lead is using WordPress.   However, they all require some degree of technical skill.   To make things easier, I  have developed the Lead Validation Module.   It does all the heavy lifting for you by automatically scanning and checking for various file structures in the source code that are specific to WordPress.  All you have to do is  type in the URL (ie.  cpwebmarketing.com) or copy and paste from your browser's address bar and click validate.   The results of this validation  are 99+% effective. 

Try out the Lead Validation Module in the box below.     Bookmark this page and then you will be able to use any device, including your mobile, to check leads on the fly anywhere, anytime!


Reaching Decision-Makers

Getting past the Gatekeepers to reach Decision-Makers is the key.

There's no sense in re-inventing the wheel here so I am going to borrow heavily (copy and paste) and annotate an excellent article written by Jeff Roth at The Center For Sales Strategy:

In the B2B sales process, the gatekeeper is typically a receptionist or an executive assistant or a designated person who is trained and responsible for keeping a prospect from being bothered by irrelevant callers. Just as we train salespeople to get past the gatekeeper, gatekeepers are trained to deflect calls that are unimportant. The gatekeeper screens calls and visitors, typically deflecting the ones he believes are not a good use of their supervisor's time.

The first line of gatekeepers that you are likely to encounter are hostesses at a restaurant and receptionists salons and spas.

Gatekeepers have two main concerns:

  • Keeping the wrong person away from the boss
  • Allowing the right person to see the boss

If they get it wrong, which decision has the greater consequence? In order to reach the prospect or decision-maker, you'll need to demonstrate to the gatekeeper that it will benefit the decision-maker to speak with you—and you usually have less than 30 seconds to do it.

Do you feel like you get a lot of unsolicited calls for ridiculous scams every day?   Try opening a business.   You get pummeled all day long by clowns trying to track you down, relentless cold calls, and an email box that fills up with spam faster than you can delete it.   It's unfortunate that companies like ours who are trying offer valuable tools to increase sales get filtered out with the circus but it's part of the game.   Remember, you have something of great value to offer these business owners, and when you finally get the attention of the right person buying will make sense to them.  

10 tips for getting past the gatekeeper from The Center for Sales Strategy

1. The one who asks the questions is the one who controls the call (redirect with a question).
2. Never take a “no” from someone who doesn’t have the authority to give you a “yes.”
3. Do not give the gatekeeper your pitch. Don’t let them be the judge.
4. Script your original message in under 30 seconds.
5. Don’t leave your company name.
6. Know your objective: getting a qualified conversation with a decision-maker.
7. Be polite and professional.
8. Use humor; it works!
9. If possible, do close and schedule with a follow-up call or preferably an appointment.
10.If you don’t know who the decision-maker is, ask the gatekeeper who sets company policy and budgeting.

Remember, you will never be able to gain control of gatekeepers if you believe they have more authority over your value proposition than you do. Resist with conviction the urge to pitch gatekeepers. Know your objective, and realize that gatekeepers can be an excellent source of information. And, do not assume gatekeepers are your enemy. Gatekeepers can be an ally or an obstacle to get to your prospect; it’s up to you.

Pro Tip: Networking Events and Trade Shows are great opportunities to meet business owners at their most receptive and with no Gatekeepers present.

Allies and Influencers

Secure Victory

Our sales get high with a little help from our friends.

    Jeff Roth did a great job explaining Gatekeepers  but there are few other persons of interest in your potential client's organization that we need to talk about.   They are the Allies, Enemies, and Influencers.

Allies are anyone in the organization that you have built a repoire with.   This is someone to whom you have ingratiated yourself with and who is willing to help you.   They may or may not be in a position to help you Present and Close.  They can be Gatekeepers, Influencers, both, or neither.   Charming Gatekeepers directly is not the only way to create an Ally that can help you get access to a Decision-Maker.  

Enemies are the exact opposite of allies.  They will go out of their way to sabotage your efforts.  They can be Gatekeepers, Influencers, both, or neither.  

An Influencer is someone whose opinion is valued by other important targets within the organization.  They can also be a Gatekeeper, an Ally, both, or neither.  Influencers will have varying degrees of ability to help you .  Sometimes they can help you take down Gatekeepers so that you will gain the opportunity to Present.   Other times they may be able to help you win over the Decision-Maker and Close later on down the line.  Sometimes they can do both.    Some Influencers are so powerful that they become the de-facto Decision-Maker.  When you identify an Influencer, always pitch him if given the opportunity. 

It's important to keep in mind that you will not always be able to identify who plays what role.   Realize, also, that the dynamics of who plays what role can change and evolve depending on the circumstances of any given situation.  This is why it is imperative that you avoid making Enemies at all costs

Consider The Following Scenarios


 Click across each filter at the top to reveal each of 3 different scenarios.  Read each scenario and carefully consider the questions at the end of each one before clicking the toggle below it to reveal the correct answer.   Take stock of what you've learned and consider other possible relationship dynamics that you will encounter on your mission to complete the Sales Process.   

Scenario 1

 You were already planning to take your daughter out to lunch this afternoon.   You decide to try that new restaurant two towns over that you qualified as a lead last week.   You were turned away by the hostess despite your best efforts.   There's a different hostess on duty today.  You strike up a conversation with the waiter during lunch and establish a good repoire.   You ask him some relevant questions about the power structure of the restaurant and when the boss is around.   Turns out, he's as dumb as they come and relatively new.   Regardless, you continue to treat him well and leave an appropriate tip.   On the way out, you leave some marketing materials with the new hostess.  Shortly after you leave, the waiter comes up to cash out your credit card slip when he remarks about how cool you were with him to the hostess.   Turns out, he's good friends with the hostess.   She decides not to throw your marketing materials in the trash but instead to pass them on to the front of the house manager at the end of the shift.    You return a few days later and ask the same hostess if the manager is in.    She phones the office to see if he is available.   He recognizes the product from reading your marketing materials and agrees to sit for a pitch.  You close on the spot. 

  1. Is the dumb as they come waiter an Ally, Influencer, Both, or Neither?

  2. Is the hostess a Gatekeeper, Influencer, Enemy, or Ally?
Answers - Scenario 1


  1. The dumb as they come waiter is both an Ally and an Influencer.   

  2. She is a Gatekeeper.   
Scenario 2

    You've been to this one salon a few times in last couple weeks and have had at least two different receptionists roll their eyes at you when you approached them about speaking to the owner.  All your  phone calls are dead ends and all your emails are going unanswered right into the spam folder.   This place is locked down like Guantanamo Bay.   You need a haircut and your regular stylist at that place you always go to is in Disney Land for the next two weeks.   You figure what the hell,  I'll go see that really pleasant receptionist that keeps rolling her eyes at me and get a haircut over there.   You strike up a great conversation with your stylist.  Turns out she's been working there for over seven years and is great friends with the owner.  She practically runs the place and actually cares about the business, unlike the snotty receptionist.    You pitch her and she loves it.  She recognizes that it is a winning proposition that helps the salon generate more revenue while also bringing in more clients for her.    She gives you the owner's cell phone number.   She tells you that she will talk to her tonight so that she expects your call tomorrow.    You close two days later after meeting with the owner face to face at the salon.    The receptionist is really pleasant when you come back the following week to collect payment.  

Is the receptionist an Enemy, Gatekeeper, Both, or Neither?

What roles does the stylist play?

Answers - Scenario 2


  1.  The snotty receptionist is just a Gatekeeper.   She is not your Enemy because she isn't deliberately going out of her way to harm you.   She's just doing her job, albeit poorly. It's up to you to make her an Ally.

  2. The stylist is an Ally, Gatekeeper, and Influencer.     She went out of her way to open the gate and influence the owner on your behalf.   She is invaluable.   Ideally, every scenario where you don't get instant access to the Decision-Maker involves someone like her that you can win as an Ally.  
Scenario 3

You keep going to this one Italian restaurant where it seems like the owner is never there.     There are two hostesses you keep encountering,  one looks like she's 19, the other is in her forties but she barely speaks English.    Both are very nice but tell you that they can't help you and that you need to speak with the owner.  It seems like there is never anyone there that you can talk to that is a decision maker. You decide to sit for lunch anyway while you are there because the food is really good.  Your waiter is visibly agitated , curt, and generally unpleasant.  Every time he disappears into the bus stand you can hear him arguing with someone, cursing half in English and half in Italian, and making disparaging remarks about the way the restaurant is run.  It's getting pretty ridiculous to the point where it is ruining your lunch.   To make things even worse, he seems to change his facade and go out of his way to be pleasant to an adjacent table that are obvious regulars.   You feel like a second-class citizen at this point.  You decide to bite your tongue and be civil while finishing your meal and leave as quickly as possible.   Being relentless, you come back a few weeks later and find that the owner has finally returned from Italy.   He agrees to let you pitch him on the spot.  During the pitch, the unpleasant waiter delivers a coffee to his boss and he doesn't even acknowledge you.    The pitch continues, but you aren't able to close today.   The owner is being obtuse and trying to negotiate the price.   The meeting ends with a frustrating "give me a couple days and I'll think about it".    It turns out the unpleasant waiter is actually the owner's cousin.   They do not have a conversation about you after you leave.   The owner calls you a few days later to close.  

  1. Is the unpleasant waiter one or more of the following:  Gatekeeper, Influencer, Ally, or Enemy?

  2. Could the answer to the above question be different if your exchange with him a few weeks earlier had gotten nasty?  How so?
Answers - Scenario 3


1. The answer is No.  In this situation,  the unpleasant waiter plays no role.

2.If  you had a nasty exchange a few weeks ago with the unpleasant waiter he could have had the potential to become an Enemy Influencer.  

Obtaining Website Credentials

and dealing with Stonewallers

Smash right through them. 


You've hunted down your leads.    You've broken through the gatekeepers.    You've won over the decision-maker.   There is only one more potential obstacle that you will need to smash through on your path to victory:  The Stonewaller.    

No work can begin on installing the module on the client's website before you email me the following very important information:

  1. The login credentials for WordPress.
  2. The login credentials for the hosting account / Cpanel.

While not totally impossible, it is improbable that your decision-maker has this information on hand.   The one person who for sure has all this information at their fingertips is whoever is currently administrating the website on their behalf.   This person may feel threatened that you are trying to steal their client and drag their feet giving up this necessary information.   You've come too far to let this kind of bullshit stand between you and pay day.   We're not going to let it happen.  

Prepare for Stonewallers before they appear by asking the decision-maker to call the website administrator immediately after you close.    Hopefully, he picks up the phone while you are there.  If he does answer, of course he will agree to "email it over".    That email may never come.   If he doesn't answer, ask the decision-maker to leave a voicemail and send an email detailing the request.  At this point you've established a clear record of authorization and circumvented one of the Stonewaller's favorite delay tactics.     

Next, explain jokingly to the decision maker that sometimes its like pulling teeth getting these guys to give us this information and affirm your intentions to have this project completed for him right away.   Don't be afraid to ask him to give you the web developer's cell phone number, he will probably appreciate the fact that you are relieving him of the hassle.   

If more than 2 days go by and that email doesn't come, you've got a Stonewaller.    Here's how to deal with them.

Confront.  Disarm.  Reassure. Create Urgency Through Fear of Loss.   Harass.

I'm going to give you the exact script for this type of phone call:

Stonewall Jackson:  Hello?

You:  Yes, is this Stonewall Jackson with ISuck Design?

Stonewall Jackson:  Yes...

You:  This is (your name) with CP WebMarketing.   I was supposed to get an email from you with the requested login credentials for smallbusiness.com and I haven't yet received it.

Stonewall Jackson:  Yeah.. uh...

You:  Listen, I just want to let you know that we're not trying to take over design and maintenance of this website or take food off of anyone's plate.   We do offer those types of services out of necessity but our main focus is on adding e-commerce functionality to already existing websites.   Honestly, we need another website to maintain like we need a hole in the head.    Also, we're going to take a complete backup of the website and database before we make any changes, so your work is safe. 

Stonewall Jackson:   ...  

You:  Look, I don't think either one of us wants to get Big Boss over at Small Business upset.   He wants us to complete this project ASAP and we can't start until we have those credentials so if you could just email them over to us right now that would be great.

Stonewall Jackson :  Uh.. OK.  

You:  Thanks, Chief.


    If he doesn't answer, starting leaving voicemails, texts, and emails.  One of each every single day.  After a few days, call Decision-Maker and give him an accounting of what types and how many attempts you made to obtain the information.    Repeat this process until the Stonewaller breaks.

If you're looking for someone to take your frustration out on in this whole process, this is the guy .   After smiling through lunch with the unpleasant waiter and being cordial with the snotty eye-rolling receptionist you finally get to put your foot up someone's ass.   Stonewallers are always in the WRONG.   It's not their right to keep anyone who's been authorized out of the client's website.   The client's website belongs to the client.  End of story.    

You might think that this is drastic but I'm preparing you for worst case scenarios.    It's not going to happen often but it will happen eventually.   One time, I waited 2 months to get credentials from someone because I was relying on the Decision-Maker to obtain them.    Don't make the same mistake.  The work isn't going get done if you sit on your hands.   Go out and kick ass.  

PayPal Process Overview

  We will not be able to finalize and test the functionality of the module for your client until you provide us with the payment address of their Paypal account and that account is properly configured.

  Most clients will already have at least a Personal Paypal Account already.   If not, then they are going to have to create one by visiting Paypal.com.   

  Click through the other tabs to see how the client goes about upgrading their personal account into a Business Account.   Don't stress about this too much.   First of all, it's a relatively easy and painless process.   Secondly, a version of this walkthrough will be on the front end of the website to which you can direct your clients.   You should, however, understand it in the case that you do have to assist them. 

--> Profile & Settings

   From the Dashboard

   (1) Click Profile to open the Profile Dropdown Box.

   (2) Click Profile & Settings.

Upgrade to A Business Account


   (3) Click on Upgrade to upgrade the account to go through the upgrade process, putting in the required information about the business.

---> My Selling Tools


   Once the account has been upgraded return to Profile and Settings Menu.

   (4) Select the My Selling Tools Tab.

   (5) Click on Website Preferences.

Finish the Configuration as shown below


   (6) Select the radio button On to turn on Auto Return.

   (7) Type your website address in the Return URL box.

   (8) Make sure Payment Data Transfer is set to OFF.

   Congrats,  all set up!


Completing The Sales Process

Cross the finish line.

    At this point, the work on our end has been completed.   The Gift Certificate Module has been installed, customized, and thoroughly tested for stability and functionality.  The only things left to do are  arrange delivery of the requested API keys and secure payment.   An API key is like a password for the mobile application that allows a manager's phone to communicate with the website and redeem the certificates.  

If you are doing the deal in person, you can deliver the keys in person and give a demonstration with a printed test certificate to demonstrate the module.   Currently, accepted payment methods are cash, check, or Paypal.    In the near future, I will set up a  payment gateway on this website that you can direct your clients to so that they may pay directly with a credit card.   

If the deal is being done remotely, all you have to do is call the customer and let them know the work has been completed and that they will be receiving an invoice.  Once the invoice has been paid in full, we will deliver the API keys via email.   

Collect your pay!


Preparing for Level 3

Prepare For Level-Up Through Follow-Up

  At this point, you've collected your pay and have shifted your attention to all the other deals you're working that are still in various stages of the Sales Process.   Don't forget to Follow-Up with your clients and ask them how everything is going.  Show them that you are different than most typical sales reps by being willing to spend time on them even in situations where there is no immediate expectation of reward.  Keeping in touch after the sale is a simple but meaningful gesture that will help strengthen the relationship by building trust and create a lasting bond between you and the client.  This will benefit you when you reach Level 3.  

  There are many exciting developments in the pipeline at CP Web Marketing including products and services that you will be able to sell to your already existing clients as a Level 3 Ambassador.  Some of these products and services will build directly on the Paper Gift Certificate Module functionality that you helped establish.  Many of these products and services will be billed on a recurring basis and will generate recurring commissions for the Level 3 reps that sell them.    Prepare yourself and your clients for the greater opportunities of the near future.  


Begins With A Thought

The MOST important Principle:

This is intended to be a course to help you succeed in the CP Web Marketing Affiliate Sales Process.   It isn't meant to be a course on philosophy, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet instead of going all Tony Robbins on you.

What I am going to concentrate on here is teaching you one powerful method that I have learned that will help you become successful at ANYTHING you choose to apply it to, including the contents of this course.    This is the Principle of Auto-Suggestion.

If you want things in your life to change, you're going to have to change things in your life.   It's easy to make the decision that you are going to start something new and begin taking action towards your new goal.   However, maintaining the willpower to see it through becomes difficult soon after the initial call to action.   This is because your subconscious mind is programmed like a computer.  Through the Principle of Auto-Suggestion you can take actions to reprogram your subconscious mind and execute your intended focus without the agony of constantly expending willpower.

Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich on Auto-Suggestion:

AUTO-SUGGESTION is a term which applies to all suggestions and all self-administered stimuli which reach one's mind through the five senses. Stated in another way, auto-suggestion is self-suggestion. It is the agency of communication between that part of the mind where conscious thought takes place, and that which serves as the seat of action for the subconscious mind.

I'm going to leave it up to you as to HOW you apply this principle in way that works for YOU.    I will, at this point,  end this course by sharing the exact methodology that I employ EVERY SINGLE DAY putting this in to practice for MYSELF.    You can adopt my specific methodolgy or devise your own.     

Every morning, I start this process while having my coffee, continue while I shower and get dressed, and finish in my car on the way to the gym.     I LISTEN to the following four videos in the box below.  Each one is about five minutes.  Note: Don't focus on the meatheads but instead LISTEN to the narration and apply what's being said to any goal you set for yourself.

[YouTube_WD id=4 item=4]

That's it. It's over. Go do something RIGHT NOW that brings you closer to greatness!