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We Want You To Join Our Team!

The Rising Tide Raises All Ships

Congratulations!   You've been invited to join CP Web Marketing as an Affiliate Marketing Consultant. 

    Our business model is to grow and achieve success through helping others grow and achieve success.   This core philosophy encompasses everyone who is a part of our ecosystem, including you.   The only true path to our objective lies in offering products and services that provide value for our clients and empowering the people who make it happen by sharing the rewards.   

     If you choose to join the team and embrace this opportunity to its maximum potential you WILL  become empowered to change your life and things you thought were impossible will become possible. 

What You Can Expect

From Us

Long lasting relationships are built on trust and mutual benefit.

I'd like to take the time to explain what your relationship to the company will be going forward.

First and foremost, this is not a "job", it is a business opportunity to work for yourself.   As an Affiliate Marketer you will be a 1099 independent contractor, not an employee.

Your contribution to this partnership will involve direct sales.   However, I make you the following 10 promises up front:

  1.  You will never be asked to invest your own money.
  2. You will never  be required to punch the clock.
  3.  You will never be required to leverage friends and family.
  4.  You will never be required to accost people in parking lots or knock on doors.
  5.  All of your leads and potential clients will be business owners.
  6.  There is no hard selling because these business owners NEED our product.
  7.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of potential clients nationwide.
  8.  Your commission structure will be generous.
  9.  Support / Coaching / Mentoring will always be available to help you succeed.
  10.  As this company grows, even bigger opportunities await top performers.

Your Compensation

The Bottom Line

See you at the top.


     Let's get right down to business.   Commission structure for Affiliate Marketers is expressed in levels. 

You enter as a Level 1  Affiliate when you sign on and officially join CP Web Marketing.    You are granted access to sell our flagship product, the Paper Gift Certifcate Module for WordPress.  

You will reach Level 2 and become a Senior Affiliate after you make your first 5 sales.  At this point, you've earned yourself a 25% raise in commission and we provide you with business cards and a company email address.    

Top performing Senior Affiliates are awarded Level 3 Ambassador status which unlocks access to sell add-on products and services to both new and existing accounts at a commission structure that will be discussed when that bridge is crossed.   

"Sales Associate"

Level 1 - Affiliate


per sale

  • Access to sell Paper Gift Certificate Module
  • 5 Sales To Advance To Level 2

"Sr. Sales Associate"

Level 2 - Senior Affiliate


per sale

  • +25% commission over Level 1
  • + Business Cards / Email
  • Top performers advance to Level 3

"Sr. Account Executive"

Level 3 - Ambassador


per sale

  • Access to upsell add-on products for both new and exisiting accounts
  • Top performers candidates for management

The Paper Gift Certificate Module

Product Overview

A money printing press for small businesses.

    Allow me to introduce you to the Paper Gift Certificate Module.   When installed on qualified websites, the PGC Module adds the functionality to be able to sell paper gift certificates online.

  Key Features:

 1.  Online immediate availability means the ability to make sales and generate revenue 24 / 7 / 365.

 2. Customer transfers ownership to recipient by either printing and gifting or downloading and emailing for digital delivery.

 3.  Redeemed and authenticated by scanning with an included app that can be installed on each manager's Apple or Android device.
       a.  each authorized device has a unique API to log ID and time stamp.
       b.  validates the eligibility of the certificate by connecting directly to the database on client's website.
       c.  redemption capability includes both paper and digital formats when customer presents paper certificate or mobile device.   
       d.  Google Chrome extension in your back office allows offline manual redemption. 

 4. Custom designed certificate template tailored for your client's  business plus a free seasonal holiday template.

 5. Seasonal template programmed to automatically only be available from a custom range of dates (default, Thanksgiving - New Years).

 6. Custom designed landing page & digital product creation of any denominations / packages (ie. dinner for 2) of client's choosing. 

 7. Easy payment processing through Paypal.  Balance available to client immediately.  Customer can use any credit card to check out. 

 8. No monthly subscription / hidden fees / commissions.   One time installation fee of $949 + the 3% credit card processing fee on every sale. 

 9.  Integrates easily with Mail Chimp to automatically add customer's names to client's email list.  

10. Can also be used for selling tickets to special events.

A more in depth explanation of the product on the client side of our website here

1099 Status

What It Means To You

Taxation is theft.


     Your status as 1099 independent contractor means that CP WEBMARKETING will not be withholding any of your pay for taxes including federal, state, FICA, etc.    You will be responsible for paying your taxes on your own, including an extra 6.2% for Social Security on the first $127,700 and 0.9% for Medicare on everything you make.  Plan accordingly.

   The upside to being a 1099 is that you are not an "employee" meaning that you retain complete autonomy over how and when you devote your time, energy, and skill towards accomplishing the goal of marketing our products and services.  There is no scheduled reporting, mandatory meetings, or specific methodology that you are required to employ.  Having said that, there will be voluntary meetings to attend and training / coaching available to help you succeed if you should feel that you require it.

The Contract

In Plain English

Read. Understand. Sign.

Signing the contract is necessary to solidify your entry onto the team, keep the IRS at bay,  and clarify in writing the terms of your relationship with the company.  Please take the time to read and understand it in its entirety.   I will also explain in plain English here what each section covers.

  1. Grants you access to sell the Paper Gift Certificate Module worldwide.
  2. Your commitment to take action and communicate with us about it.
  3. Compensation.
  4. Non-compete (1 year) and confidentiality of company information.
  5. 1099 status and tax responsiblity.
  6. You are responsible for your own day to day expenses (car, phone, etc).
  7. This contract is between you and the company and bars delegation of terms to 3rd parties.
  8. Misrepresentation - You can't make promises on our behalf without authorization.
  9. Indemnification - Legal accountability - You can't hold us responsible.
  10. Indeminfication - Legal accountability - We can't hold you responsible.
  11. What happens if we have to go to court.
  12. Timeframe of sending notice under the agreement.
  13. This represents the entirety of the agreement.

Pretty straight forward actually.  Print, read, and sign.

Congratulations!  It's official, you are now on the team.

Let's get to work!   You will now be authorized to enter the next page detailing the product and sales strategy by following the link below.


To The World Of Winning


   Congratulations on joining the team.   First and foremost, I want you to understand something:   Your success and personal growth matters.   CP Web Marketing is founded on the core principle that we all win together.   Not everything in life must be a zero sum game where someone has to lose in order for someone else to gain.    From here on out, it's Win/Win/Win.   The clients win when we provide  them with valuable tools to boost their sales, increase their brand awareness, and grow their businesses.   You, the Affiliate, wins when you take advantage of this opportunity to market our products and set yourself on the road to financial freedom and living life on your terms.   The Company wins by growing, expanding, and starting the process all over again to bring more clients and affiliates under our umbrella. 

In the course that follows we will try to provide everything necessary to ensure you reach your maximum potential.      Learning, growing, and evolving is a life-long process.   Everything can be improved, so check back from time to time because this will be an ongoing project that will be edited, updated, and revised.   

PLEASE NOTE: There are currently some Apple iOS specific issues (esp. IPads) with this form that are still being resolved. If you are not redirected automatically after completing this form please try again from another device.

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